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We are your source for hospitality employment in your area and around the country.

We work with more hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality locations in the United States than any other recruiting service. You may rely on Elite Force to place you in one of the thousands of homes we serve.
We work with more hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality venues than any other staffing service in the United States. You can rely on Elite Force to get you work at one of the thousands of locations we serve.

Advantages of Working with Elite Force

Elite Force works with over 10,000 people just like you all across the United States. Many of our associates have been with us for over 10 years and many advance into management positions. Some of the benefits of working with Elite Force include:

A Comprehensive Range of Facility Services

Elite Force, is one of the biggest privately held facilities services provider in North America. This broadens our collaborations with hotels and resorts to include janitorial, external services, floor care, and a variety of other speciality services. This national collaboration enables us to engage with properties and management businesses to improve their standards while lowering their costs.

Serving All Departments

At Elite Force, we work with hotels and resorts to maintain cost, quality, and efficiency across all departments. Working with general managers and department heads we provide solutions to meet demand, reduce turnover, and deliver the highest quality possible.


We’re proud to note our room attendants are consistently listed at the top of posted room.

Food Service

From food preparation to service, we provide food staff for every level of establishment.


Our employees follow your procedures, so your linens are handled properly.


We provide associates with experience in golf courses, ground cover, weed control, edging.


Hospitality Staffing Solutions can provide a few dishwashers or an entire department.


Our janitorial team focuses on the typically difficult-to-staff and manage third-shift operation.

Safety & Compliance

Before being placed, our Compliance & Annual Internal Audit program guarantees that the talent we hire is carefully selected, compliant, and fulfills your criteria. From onboarding to payroll processing, our industry-leading staffing software tracks and manages every stage of the staffing process. Furthermore, Elite Force satisfies all PPACA requirements.
Furthermore, as a standard service offering, we lead the industry with an internal Worker’s Compensation management structure that includes a VP of Risk Management, Dedicated Regional Safety Managers, and unique safety training.

Need Hospitality Services? We Can Help.

Need Hospitality Jobs? We Can Help.

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