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Renovation Cleaning

Hotel Renovation Cleaning

Hotels and Resorts face challenges today recovering from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic along with a host of other ongoing hurdles. Today, hotel management needs to plan for unpredictable occupancy rates and higher expectations from guests, all while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.

Solutions for Hotel and Resort Managers

We provide a full suite of services that address labor issues, improve quality, and help hotels stay ahead of fluctuations in occupancy rates. From contract labor to full-department outsourcing, to janitorial services, HSS can help you meet today’s challenges and concentrate on guest satisfaction.
Hotelzimmer mit Holzwand
Bedroom of client was cleaned by our crew.

A Full Range of Facility Services

As a KBS Company, HSS is part of the largest privately held facility services provider in North America. This expands our partnerships with hotels and resorts to include a wider range of services from janitorial, to exterior services, to floor care and a host of other specialty services. This national partnership allows us to work with properties and management companies to raise their standards and lower their costs.

Working With Leading Management & Ownership Companies

HSS works with leading management companies and ownership groups across the USA to execute property services through janitorial, housekeeping, food and beverage services, and more. Our national programs provide consistent quality and compliance across portfolios and well as predictable and transparent pricing.
Hss staff

Serving All Departments

At HSS, we work with hotels and resorts to maintain cost, quality, and efficiency across all departments. Working with general managers and department heads we provide solutions to meet demand, reduce turnover, and deliver the highest quality possible.


We’re proud to note our room attendants are consistently listed at the top of posted room inspection scores.

Food Service

From food preparation to service, we provide food staff for every level of establishment.


Our employees follow your procedures, so your linens are handled properly.


We provide associates with experience in golf courses, ground cover, weed control, edging, and mowing.


Hospitality Staffing Solutions can provide a few dishwashers or an entire department.


Our janitorial team focuses on the typically difficult-to-staff and manage third-shift operation.
Calculator and binders with papers are waiting to be processed by business woman or bookkeeper back in blur. Internal Audit and tax concept.

Safety & Compliance

Our Compliance & Annual Internal Audit program ensures that the talent we hire is carefully selected, compliant and meets your criteria before being placed. Our industry leading staffing software tracks and manages every step in the staffing process, from on-boarding through payroll processing. In addition, HSS meets all provisions of the PPACA.
In addition, we lead the industry with an internal Worker’s Comp management structure which includes a VP of Risk Management, Dedicated Regional Safety Managers and innovative safety training as a standard service offering.

Need Hospitality Services? We Can Help.

Need Hospitality Services? We Can Help.

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