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Hospitality Staffing Services

HSS offers services to fit the needs of our clients. While some businesses may need temporary or contract staffing, others may be looking to hire an employee as their own. For this reason, our services include contract or temporary staffing, direct hire and search services as well as full outsourcing solutions for entire departments including housekeeping and janitorial.


Imagine you’re a professional, and you provide professional services. That’s you as a hotel housekeeper!


Think of yourself as the behind-the-scenes hero of a hotel. You’re the Houseman!


We fully manage your housekeeping, food service, or janitorial staff.

Contract & Temp Staffing

We fully manage your housekeeping, food service.

Janitorial Staff

Imagine being the backbone of a smoothly operating hotel. your work is fundamental to maintaining.

Restaurant Staffing

Your restaurant tells a story. With our cleaning services, it’s a story that starts with an impeccably clean environment.


Behind every exquisite dish, an efficient stewarding operation ensures your kitchen runs smoothly.

Direct Hire

our team is your biggest asset. A well-crafted ensemble of skilled individuals can transform.

Need Hospitality Services? We Can Help.

Need Hospitality Services? We Can Help.

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